Vaginitis is a term for any infection or inflammation of the vagina.
-    Itching, irritation and vaginal discharge,
-    Yeast infection
-    Bacterial infection
Suggested Treatment
-    Take a natural anti-biotic
-    Drink Aloe Vera
-    Take Vitamin A & E
A-Beta-CarE Softgels.  3 daily, 1 with each meal.  Powerful anti-oxidant, repairs and maintains body tissue.
Bee Propolis Tablets and Garlic & Thyme Softgels.  3 - 6 daily of each, 2 with each meal.  Strong natural anti-biotic and strengthens the immune system.
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  90 - 180mls daily, 60mls with each meal.  Anti-inflammatory, pain-inhibitor, cell regenerator.
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