Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection. It is spread through inhaling tiny droplets of saliva from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. TB mainly affects the lungs.  However, the infection can spread to many parts of the body, including the bones and nervous system.
-    A persistent cough
-    Weight loss
-    Night sweats
-    Contagious contact
Suggested Treatment
-    Take Vitamins A, E, D, C and B Complex
-    Take multi-minerals
-    Eat fresh fruits
A-Beta-CarE Softgels.  2 daily, 1 with each meal.  Powerful anti-oxidant, helps resist infections, repairs and maintains body tissue, improves circulation.
Nature Min Tablets.  6 tablets daily, 2 with each meal.  Contains calcium, phospherous, zinc, manganese etc. for proper body function.
Bee Propolis Tablets and Garlic & Thyme Softgels.  3 - 6 daily of each, 2 with each meal.  Strong natural anti-biotic.
Lycium Plus Tablets.  3 daily, 1 with each meal.  Great in combatting cough and stimulates formation of anti-bodies.
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