Tetanus is a serious but rare infection caused by bacteria. It usually occurs when a flesh wound becomes contaminated. If it is not treated, tetanus may lead to complications, which can be fatal.
-    Muscle spasms (starts in the jaw - lock jaw- and then spreads to the rest of your body).
-    High temperature
-    Sweating
-    Rapid heartbeat
-    High blood pressure
-    A flesh wound becomes infected or contaminated.
Suggested Treatment
-    Wash the wound well with an aloe-based soap.
-    Apply a natural anti-biotic ointment to kill bacteria.
-    Dose yourself with a natural anti-biotic.
-    If you already have tetanus, get a tetanus vaccine ASAP, since this is the only effective possible cure!!
Aloe Liquid Soap.  Wash as needed.  pH balanced, completely elminates the cause of the infection.
Aloe and Propolis Cream.  Apply on area as needed.  Strong natural anti-biotic topical cream.
Bee Propolis Tablets and Garlic & Thyme Softgels. Take 3 - 6 daily of each, 2 with each meal.  Strong natural anti-biotic and strengthens the immune system.
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