Mouth Sores - Blisters & Aphtas

Ulcers are produced in the mouth.  There might be a slight fever. 
-    Blister in the inside of the lips.
-     Virus (probably herpes virus)
Suggested Treatment
-    Rinse mouth with a combination of aloe vera extract and medicinal herbs.
-    Use aloe and jojoba on the outer lips.
Aloe Vera First mixed with Aloe Vera Extract Activator.  Gargle and rinse mouth frequently.  Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-virus.
Aloe Lips.  Smear on lips 3 or more times a day.  Contains jojoba for moisture and bees wax.  Anti-inflammatory, natural anti-biotic.
Aloe Tooth Gel.  Brush teeth 3 times a day.  Contains bee propolis and is an anti-biotic.
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