Also known as PMS.
-    Vagina bleeds
-    Changes in temperament
-    Sharp pains in the abdomen (cramps)
-    Nervousness
-    Tiredness
-    Headaches
-    Hormonal imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone.
Suggested Treatment
-    Increase Calcium and Magnesium intake
-    Eliminate salt, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and red meats
-    Drink Aloe Vera mixed with water
-    Rub affected areas with Aloe Heat Lotion
Calcium Tablets.  3 tablets daily, 1 with each meal.  Supports body function.
Royal Jelly Tablets.  3 tablets daily, 1 20min before each meal.  Contains B-Complex for stress and nervousness.
Gin Chia Tablets. 4 - 6 tablets daily, 2 with each meal. Supports hormonal system and functions.
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  90 - 180mls daily mixed with at least 2 litres water.  Anti-inflammatory, digestive, nutritive, pain inhibitor.
Aloe Heat Lotion.  Rub on area as needed.  Stimulates blood flow in cramp area.
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