Also see Arteriosclerosis and Cholesterol.  The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and the blood vessels that irrigate it.  The blood is pumped from the heart through the blood vessels to the whole body.  When these arteries (coronary arteries) are blocked or clogged (cholesterol), not enough oxygenated blood reaches the heart and can leave a permanent lesion on the heart.
-    Strong sharp pain in the centre of the chest occurring suddenly and with great pressure.
-    Pain can spread to the neck, shoulder, arm and upper part of the abdomen.
-    Sweating, palpitations, pressure in the chest, incapacity to talk.
Suggested Treatment
-    Exercise daily
-    Follow a healthy diet which includes polyunsaturated fats
-    Eliminate stress in your life
Arctic Sea Softgels.  6 daily, 2 with each meal.  High concentration of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and EPA, GLA.
Garlic & Thyme Softgels.  6 daily, 2 with each meal.  Garlic is an anti-coagulant, reinforces blood vessels.  Strengthens immune system.  Contains lecithin which emulsifies fat and cholesterol.
A-Beta-CarE Softgels.  2 daily, 1 with each meal.  Anti-coagulant, reinforces blood vessels.  Prevents and dissolves clots and arterial blockages.  Improves lung tissues and respiratory organs.
Absorbent-C Tablets.  4 tablets daily, 1 with each meal.  Very important - powerful anti-oxidant.
Nutritional Shake.  Substitute 2 meals. Lose weight, contains amino-acids, fiber, vegetable proteins.
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  120 - 180 mls daily mixed with orange juice and/or water.  Eases inflammation and kills viruses.
Garcinia Plus Capsules.  3 tablets daily, 1 with each meal.  Curbs appetite while aiding in inhibiting the formation of unwanted fat.
CardioHealth with CoQ10.  1 a day.  Supports and promotes good cardiovascular function by helping maintaining healthy homocysteine levels.
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