Headaches (Migraines & Tension)

Migraines and tension headaches.
-    Migraines occur only on one side of the head and are very painful.
-    Tension Headaches occur in the area around the eyes, the front of the head and the nape of the neck.
-    Sinus Headaches occur in the frontal area and are caused by sinusitus.
-    Fever Headaches occur in the whole head.
-    Inflammation of the temporal arteries (see atherosclerosis and aneurysm).  Only one side of the head aches.
-    Allergic reaction Headaches occur in the front of the head, around the eyes.  The mucous membrane gets attacked.
-    Emotional stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, hatred, worry and guilt.
-    Physical exhaustion, bad posture, sunstroke, toxic air, reading in poor light, excessive bright light, exertion and blows to the head.
-    Organic sinusitis, cold, indigestion, intoxication, high blood pressure, allergies, dental problems, ear infections, lack of sleep, arthritis, hypoglycemia and fever.
-    Migraines:  The vertebrae move out of alignment due to muscular tension and squeeze the veins in the neck.  This irritates the nerves that surround the veins causing pain, generally on one side of the head.
-    Tension Headaches:  The vertabrae fall out of alignment due to muscular tension.  This irritates the nerves in the neck, causing muscular contraction which in turn irritates the nerves controlling these muscles, causing pain.
Suggested Treatment
-    Control Stress.
-    Get plenty of sleep.
-    Eliminate chocolate, pork sausage, white bread flour, refined white sugar, aged cheese, red wine, acidic fruits, canned fruits, sodas and coffee.
-    See a chiropractor.
Aloe Vera and Berry Nectar.  120 - 180ml daily, 60ml with each meal.  Reduces pain and eases inflammation.
Royal Jelly Tablets.  2 tablets daily, 1 20 minutes before a meal.  Contains B-Complex.  Helps to prevent stress and nervousness.
Aloe Vera Heat Lotion.  Rub in on sore areas. especially at temples.  Anti-inflammatory, pain-inhibitor.
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