Gray Hair

Gray hair on the body or head that begins to show little by little as a person ages.
Hair is made mostly of proteins.  Within these proteins there is a substance called melanin which is responsible for hair colour.  Colour is determined by the quantity of melanin present, so dark hair has a higher melanin content than light coloured hair.  As one ages, melanin content gets less and hair becomes lighter until there is no melanin (white hair).
Suggested Treatment
-    Take Multi-Minerals, Bee Pollen, Calcium supplements.
Bee Pollen Tablets.  3 tablets daily, 1 with each meal.  Excellent multi-vitamin.
Nature-Min Tablets.  4 to 6 tablets daily, 2 with each meal.  Contains essential minerals to support hair health.
Aloe Vera Gelly.  Mix a bit with water and apply to hair daily, massaging into scalp.
Ginkgo Plus Tablets.  2 tablets daily, 1 with each meal.  Contains Fo-Ti which helps in eliminating gray hair.
Calcium Tablets.  3 tablets daily, 1 with each meal. 
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