Gall Bladder Stones

Stones or calculi, in the gall bladder are formations of toxic products mainly made up of cholesterol crystals, calcium salt, phospholipids and lecithin.  The products, with time, are filtered through the liver and accumulate in the gall bladder. 
-    When one of the stones obstruct the bile ducts, a sharp pain is produced starting in the upper part of the abdomen and extending toward the back.
Suggested Treatment
-    Drink plenty water mixed with Aloe Vera Cranberry Nectar.  Reduces the inflammation in addition to helping expel the stones.
-    Take lecithin to emulsify fats and cholesterol.  Eliminates stones through the intestine.
-    Increase fiber intake to stimulate digestive functions and produce more bile.
-    Take Niacin to increase bile production.
Aloe Vera Berry Nectar.  90 - 180ml daily, mixed with at least 2 litres of water.  Drink during the day.  Anti-inflammatory, pain inhibitor, contains vitamins and minerals.
Garlic and Thyme Softgels.  4 to 6 daily, 2 with each meal.  Thyme is anti-spasmodic.  Garlic strengthens the immune system.  Lecithin dissolves the fats and is an emulsifier.
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