Dehydration is the dryness of the body in the internal organs as well as on the skin.  Children suffer from this easily and is one of the main causes of death.
-    Dry mouth
-    Eyes without any sparkle
-    Little urination and very dark in colour
-    Rapid weight loss
-    Dry skin, brittle and no elasticity
-    In new born babies, sunkenness in the crown
-    Rapid and weak respiration and pulse
-    Diarrhea
-    Vomiting
-    Excessive temperature (fever)
-    Malnutrition
Suggested Treatment
-    Drink lots of water mixed with Aloe Vera Gel (juice)
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  120ml - 180ml during the course of the day, mixed with water.
Aloe Vera Moisturing Lotion.  Apply all over body as needed.
Forever Active HA.   2 capsules daily, 1 with each meal. Contains hyaluronic acid, ginger and tumeric. Ensures adequate skin hydration.
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