Burns are classified in three categories:
First Degree Burns
These are burns which cause no blistering, example sun tan.
Second Degree Burns
These are burns with resultant blistering.
Third Degree Burns
These are deep burns, destroying the skin and exposing tissue.
Note:  It is very important that immediately after burning, you run cold water over the burn.  This will decrease the temperature in the area and will avoid dehydration of tissues.
Suggested Treatment
First Degree Burns
Apply cold water or ice on the area to eliminate accumulated heat.  Apply a little bit of Aloe Vera Gel.  This will assist in healing.
Second Degree Burns
Try to not break the blisters in order to prevent the tissues from getting infected.  if the blister is burst, wash the area with cold distilled or boiled water and Aloe Liquid Soap, then apply Aloe Vera Gel.  If the wound does get infected, take Bee Propolis tablets and/or Garlic tablets as natural anti-bitotics.
Third Degree Burns
Treat the burn as in Second Degree Burns, but leave the burned area in cold water for about 10 minutes and then rub on Aloe Vera Gel.  Cover the area with a cloth soaked in Aloe Vera Gel.  Consult a physician immediately.
Further treatment involves dosages of:
-    Vitamins A, B, C, E and D
-    Omega 3 oil
-    Aloe Vera juice and water
Aloe Vera Gelly.  Apply on the area and cover with sterile gauze or micropore tape.  Anti-inflammatory, pain inhibitor, natural anti-biotic, cell regenerator.
Bee Propolis Tablets and Garlic & Thyme Softgels.  4 to 6 tablets daily, 2 with each meal.  Prevents infection and strengthens immune system.
Arctic Sea Softgels.  3 daily, 1 with each meal.  Stimulates growth of protective membrane that surrounds our cells.
A-Beta-CarE Softgels.  2 daily, 1 with each meal.  Essential in rebuilding the skin, Reparis body tissue.
Absorbent-C Tablets.  2 tabs, 1 with each meal.  Supports skin and and effective anti-oxidant.
Nature-Min Tablets.  6 tablets a day, 1 with each meal.  Important for functioning of skin and nervous system.
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