Anxiety, Restlessness, Anguish

These are mental states that are displayed as feelings of insecurity, worry and the expectation/perception that something terrible is going to happen.
-    Feeling of insecurity and that something terrible is going to happen. 
-    Anxiety is like restlessness and exhibits itself as light or superficial anguish. 
-    Anguish is a deep and indeterminable sense of fear, where most often the cause is unknown.
These can vary greatly and include:
-    traumatic experiences in the past,
-    excessive stress,
-    current difficult personal situations,
-    uncontrollable obsessive thoughts,
-    inadequate nutrition,
-    excessive use of stimulants, drugs or alcohol.
Suggested Treatment
1.    Psychological Analysis.
2.    Take Ginkgo Biloba.
3.    Eliminate use of alcohol, drugs, stimulants.
4.    Increase Vitamin B-Complex intake.
5.    Increase Calcium and Magnesium intake.
6.    Meditate and relax.
Ginkgo Plus Tablets.  2 to 3 tablets a day. 1 with each meal.  Stimulates circulation in the brain, promoting transport of oxygen and nutrients to the neurons.
Royal Jelly Tablets.  3 tablets a day.  Dissolve 1 under the tongue before each meal.  Contains B Complex vitamins.  Rejuvenates and is necessary for correct funtioning of the brain.
Forever Calcium, Tablets.  3 tablets a day, 1 with each meal.  Contains added magnesium and ensures proper nerve function.
Nature-Min Tablets.  6 tablets a day, 2 with each meal.  Necessary for the composition and function of all the body's organs and systems.
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  120ml a day, 60ml before each meal.  Nutritious, contains dissolved amino acids.  Very effective healer.
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