Different from parasites which come in the form of worms.  Amoebas are microscopic organisms living in the intestines, causing bloody diarrhea and other intestinal problems.  Can be found in the mouth, bladder and vagina.
-    Fever, diarrhea frequently accompanied with blood and/or mucous, with a discharge and an urge to have a bowel movement, as well as intestinal inflammation.  When diarrhea becomes yellow containing neither mucous nor blood, but is foamy, this is known as Giardia, an illness brought on by a different microscopic parasite.  The cure is the same though. 
-    When you have fever and bloody diarrhea, the infection is not caused by amoebas, but by bacteria and it is called Shigella.
-    Direct contact and transmission of the micro-organisms through contaminated water and food.
Suggested Treatment
-    Taking very strong doses of Garlic for 10 - 15 days or more if necessary.
-    Aloe Vera Juice
-    Bee Propolis.
Bee Propolis Tablets and Garlic & Thyme Softgels.  6 daily of each for 10 - 15 days.  2 at each meal.  Natural and effective anti-biotic.  Strengthens immune system.
Aloe Vera Gel (juice).  90 - 180ml per day, 60ml at each meal time.  Combats parasites and bactria.  Cell regenerator.
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