Age Spots

Dark brown-coloured spots principally found on adult bodies.
-    These spots form due to accumulation of waste produced by the high production of free radicals found in the skin.
Suggested Treatment
1.    Scrub your skin at least once a week with a brush made from natural fibres.
2.    Take Vitamins A, B complex, B5, D, E as well as Calcium and Magnesium.
3.    Take Aloe Vera Gel (juice) to detoxify the liver.
4.    Yoghurt assists in production of B complex vitamins.
5.    Eliminate too much sun.
Aloe Vera Juice (Gel or Nectar). 90 - 180ml a day. 60 ml before each meal.  Anti-inflammatory, pain inhibitor, natural anti-biotic.  Improves circulation and strengthens capillary walls.
A-Beta-CarE Capsules.  2 Caps daily, 1 before each meal. Powerful antioxidant, anti-coagulent, dilates blood vessels, improves circulation, strengthens capillary walls, prevents and dissolves blood clots.
Forever Aloe Scrub. Daily as required. Contains micro-spheres from Jojoba oil, deep-cleanses pores and promotes skin renewal process.
Fleur De Jouvence Set. An allround skin care set, including 12 mini-facelift masks!
Forever Marine Mask. Apply at end of the day. Moisturises and conditions skin, deep penetrates, refreshes and revitalises.
Forever Epiblanc. Apply daily. Brightens the complexion and evens skin tone, diminishing appearance of dark spots.
Sonya Skin Care Range. Apply daily as needed. Contains aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea and superior moisturisers.
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